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If you are a fan of these white sports, Kopaonik mountain is the right choice for you, because up here ski season runs from December to April. Ski trails are adapted to each skier, and are also very suitable for those who are just learning to ski and for kids, while experienced skiers can test threir skills  on some black, alpine, ski trails. At the ski resort Kopaonik ski center was built with 25 ski-lifts and two conveyors, there are more than 12 different ski-schools, but if you prefer individual classes, you will find many licensed experienced ski and snow-boarding instructors. Some lifts are crates, some four-seaters and some sprinklers. If you’re a night owl, you can enjoy night skiing on Karaman ridge. For experienced skiers who love skiing off the course and are creative, there are many mountain passes, so you can forge your own daily route. Mostly snow cover on Kopaonik lasts until the end of March, and often until the beginning of May, but in the event that there is not enough snow, they use snow cannons for artificial snow on each ski-track, so skiers can enjoy their favorite sport until late spring on this beautiful Serbian mountin.

A 10-day ski-pass will cost you 23,230 dinars per person, for a single ride the cable car costs 350 serbian dinars, and the use of ski-lifts when you go to night skiing costs 2,200 Serbian dinars!


A real treat for every skier who goes to ski-tracks early in the morning, and use the rides all day long for enjoying in the sun and snow, is to sit down in one of the many ski-buffet located on the slopes and drink a warm cup of tea, hot boiled brandy, or to fill his stomach with some of the many culinary specialties of local cuisine. We highly recommend the hot, homemade blueberry pie in ski-buffet “Skituljko” located among the pine trees on Mali Karaman ski-track, and the restaurant “Old yoke” (Snow Queen), located within the complex of villas “San Simeon”, on the track called Karaman, in which we recommend prawns in mustard sauce or trout in vegetables baked with prunes. Every Thursday, here, you can relax and enjoy the sounds of some live music. If you are a fan of ethnic restaurants and Serbian cuisine, the right choice would be the ethno house “Snipe”, which is located near the Grand hotel, where you can enjoy a traditional interior and homely atmosphere. Specialties like a little fish in cream, veal with porcini mushrooms, fish which is grown in their own pond, veal and lamb dishes that characterize this restaurant, and certainly you should not miss hot home made bread called „LEPINJA“.


For nature lovers who prefer spending their summer vacation in the mountains and like an active vacation, Kopaonik will provide a wealth of active content and adrenaline-rush experience. If you like mountain climbing, the most extreme form of hiking,you can do that at the location called „Orlove (Bele) stene“, where you can try moving and passing through rough terrain (cliffs) with the help of special equipment that serve as insurance against falling.

An experienced instructor will help you in this breathtaking experience. You just have to have the courage to venture that.

If you do not like climbing and making an effort, and you prefer to sit back and enjoy yourself – try bobsled on rails.

This adventure content is a specialized path through forest and beautiful natural environment. The installation is equipped with a special sledge, attached to the rail system that can be used by adults and children accompanied by an adult on a two-seat sled.

Starting station is located to the left of the lift station „Krst“. After boarding the sled system, it “pulls” you to the highest point. The route of the whole trail is located in the forest environment, decorated with running tracks and bike paths which are leading to Pancic peak. Sleds are equipped with seat belts, so that the whole experience is very safe and suitable for children. Ticket price for one ride is 500 dinars for adults, and 350 dinars for children under 12 years.

Mountaincart – summer version of sledging – the three wheelers which provides a unique adrenaline experience driving on a specially prepared track 1.5 kilometars long. Three-wheel, brakes, helmets and a good time is guaranteed, every day from Thursday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at a cost of 250 serbian dinars per hour!

If you’ve enjoyed walking tours and sights like “Markove stene“, „Nebeske stolice“ or „Duboka“, prepare for twice the enjoyment, from now on! You will be able to horseback riding through this area and many more attractive locations on our sunny mountain. For all those who want to visit as many destinations in a single day, and yet don’t want tiring their legs, this tour will certainly be more attractive than the classic hiking. Cycling fans will be delighted by bike park which is equipped with special tracks and all the obstacles which represents a major challenge for all users of mountain biking. These bike parks exist around the world, but right here, on Kopaonik, is where the first “downhill bike park” in Serbia was constructed. Bike drivers can choose between  three tracks, according to the difficulty of the path, inclination, and skills that a driver must possess – the KGB is beginner’s trail, Struga has demanding paths that enables a fun experience for drivers, and Mordor a difficult bike path designed for the most experienced drivers. All these paths are available to cyclists between 10 am and 5 pm, from Thursday to Sunday. If all this is yet not enough adrenaline for you – you can go rafting on the Ibar river, try your archery skills, enjoy in the crazy, adrenaline rush zip line through the forest, or slide down the slide-tube. At the Kopaonik your options for fun and adventure sports are really limitless.



If you prefer the skies than walking on the ground, and you want to see the beauty of Kopaonik from another angle, to fly or beat your fear of heights – paragliding is right choice for you! Paraglider represents the aircraft without additional engine and take off is done by running, down the slopes. Sailing equipment contains a parachute, paragliders (wing), headquarters and system connectivity, reserve parachute, helmet, protective footwear, gloves, clothing and accessories for connection and navigation. At the Kopaonik you can fly in a tandem paraglider that represents the aircraft designed for one pilot and one passenger. Tandem wing has a larger surface area and has limited flight possibilities according with the safety of passengers. The traveler is located on an independent seat and the pilot and the wing is connected to a particular piece of equipment. A helmet and a parachute are a necessary part of the equipment. Taking off is usually done running down the slopes of Orlove stene and landing is usually in Brzece. Length of each flight depends on weather conditions. But mostly often flights last for about 30 minutes, and in ideal weather conditions it is possible to fly for hours and pass dozens of kilometers. The maximum height reached by paragliders is often over 3000 meters, so each flight must be reported to air-traffic control. For reservations and prices of flight please contact us via e-mail.



In the center of Kopaonik ski-resort there is a huge hotel named „Grand Oasis Spa & Wellness“, whose spa and wellness delights can be enjoyed throughout the year. This is the right place for all real hedonists. Treat yourself with this unique and unforgettable experience, relax your soul and body in thermal water, finnish sauna, infra-red sauna, salt room, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, steam bath, Russian spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pool. The rich offer of the hotel includes several bars and restaurants, a conference center with the latest technology, top entertainment in the modern bowling alley, fitness center, squash courts and table tennis, beauty salon, children’s playroom, and a large conference room. Do not be surprised if at this very hotel you come across any of the celebrities, both domestic and foreign, since this is a favorite „holiday hotel“ of Serbian “jet set”, politicians and famous actors and actresses. Many athletes and sportsman who play for the country representations just come here to prepare and for recreation, successful business people come to participate in various conferences and eco-fairs. Members of the Arab aristocracy come here to rest and enjoy in winter delices, therefore, this hotel is crawling with bachelorettes, starlets and girls who are looking for sugar daddies and wealthier older men. Average price for double room, with half board, cost about 120 euros, but prices vary depending on the season. For information and reservations, please contact us by e-mail.

For those who want to escape from the bustle and luxury and are looking for more approachable accomodation in the quieter ambience, Kopaonik has numerous accommodation facilities – apartments and guest houses, hotels, villas, ethno-houses and numerous hostels.

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