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Smoking pipe some consider art, a knights discipline for men and women, although the pipe is becoming very rare, and you can find them mostly in antique shops or on the shelves of our grandparents.

„Lula“ or „The pipe“  is a device used for smoking tobacco. In this region, it appeared, according to archeological evidences,  for the first time, more than 7000 years ago. Archaeologists in the settlements of the Vinca culture found a small earthenware hook, about 7,000 years old, and since tobacco arrived in Europe only in the 15th century, with Christopher Columbus, scientists believe that the ancient Vinca smoked various grasses that grew in this region. Some associated with the use of cannabis in narcotic purposes.

The structure of pipe is very different, but each consists of the part in which tobacco should be placed, a pipe, and a cannal that leads to the mouth. The main pieces of pipe are the head and neck with an air duct.

The pipes were eventually modernized, and throughout history the methods and materials of making these multiplied. First it was clay, ceramic, glass, “sea foam”, and then porcelain, stone, wood, and various combinations. Some pipes are made with special mechanics such as water pipes, which through water filter harmful substances from tobacco. There are also valuable, unique pipes, that are decorated with precious gems, stones and gold, and can be found in rare antique shops and museums throughout Serbia. They mostly date from the Ottoman period.

For pipe smoking, you need an accessory – lighter, cleaner pipe, the pressing tobacco, and possibly a case for tobacco.

Although, like any smoking, pipe smoking is a harmful habit, it is, however, less harmful method of tobacco smoking from classic cigarettes and cigarette holders. Smokers do not smoke a pipe because of stress, but to enjoy the flavors. Smoking a pipe is much less harmful than cigarettes because the cigarette smokers draw and smoke the burnt cigarette rolling paper, tar and other chemical compounds, while the pipe smoke is not drawning  smoke directly into the lungs, he ‘puffs’ the smoke from his throut. Furthermore, smoking  a pipe is environmentally less harmful and much cleaner and safer than smoking cigarettes, since after smoking pipe there are no left overs like cigarette butts, dirt or fire as it happens with discarded cigarette butts. Also, we must note that the pipe tobacco improved because the workmanship expel harmful substances such as nicotine, ammonia and other undesirable ingredients. Further processing refined by the juices that give floral or fruity aroma, as desired.

Fans of smoking pipes from all over the world celebrate 20th of February as International Day of pipe smokers.

Since ancient times, folks from Serbian villages and mountains, like the shepherds and fishermen, were in the period of leisure, while guarded and graze their flocks, normally made and carved out from wood various items, mostly pipes and flasks. Through those items they created fantastic forms – women, trees, some heroes of the Slovenian mythology and often Orthodoxy, as well as the heroes of epic poems and important figures from Serbian folklore. A variety of Serbian peasants are still engaged in this form of wood carving and handwork, so if you want in your collection some of these impressive and traditional items of superior quality – contact us via e-mail, and we will make sure that the pipe you want is in your hands ASAP! 🙂

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