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I visited a couple of cafes and restaurants during those two days when I was a part of the winter idyll in Vrnjcka Spa.
If you find yourself near the mascot of the spa, sparrow Gocko, be sure to stop by the restaurant “Dukat”. There they have excellent pizza and it is an ideal place for a short break after walking around downtown spa.

The restaurant “Tri Golubice” left the complete impression on me.

The building of this restaurant is one of the oldest buildings in Vrnjacka Spa. In addition to architecture, the restaurant has kept the spirit of the time from which it originates as well as the interior. Its surroundings, pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff and delicious food are for every referral. Many celebrities have felt the spirit of the city like Jelena Jankovic and Princess Katarina Karadjordjevic, and the fact that they returned to this place again speaks for the impression it had left on them. The interior of the restaurant is filled with carefully selected antiques and exudes the spirit of the old Serbian tradition. They have delicious veal soup and brilliant mulled wine which helped me battle the grip that had tortured me for several days.

The restaurant “KRUNA” is the next restaurant that I recommend you to visit. It is located in the central part of the park, between the three mineral springs. it was built 150 years ago in the style of the old spa fairies, with carefully chosen details, ornamental flowers, trees.

The red color dominates this spacious restaurant of the pleasant environment and is ideal for celebrations. I did not have a reservation but the waiter managed to find me the table which was free at that time. I did not have a complete experience at this restaurant because the New Year’s euphoria was present and there was also crowd celebrating an important institution in Vrnjacka Spa. What I can confirm is the constant kindness of the waiter who served me. A recommendation is their bottle of homemade white wine Tamjanika which is about 7 euros and it is awesome! Viennese steak I ordered was good, however it could have been better. A great band played that night so it was already cheerful at eight p.m. There is no doubt that I will revisit this place at the first opportunity.

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