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Belgrade has the new “it” place, the new center of party developments – street Cetinjska 15, on the other side of Skadarlija street. Thanks to the clubs that open in the early evening and work all night long until the morning, abandoned beer brewery of George Weifert and Ignjat Bajlony at Cetinjska street was given a completely new look and modern purpose. Because of the “industrial style” of these new clubs, Belgrade now has the charm of Berlin, which abounds in old factories from the period of “developed industries” that are rearranged in residential buildings, nightclubs, galleries and cultural centers.

There are long lines around the block just to enter these clubs, and the circulation of people around the neighborhood is very vivid and it would bring you great fun. Competition amongst these clubs is healthy, and there is a sense of plesant good neighbor’s atmosphere all around Cetinjska.

If you’re just an ordinary passer-by, this street would not look any different than any other old street in the city center  – the exterior is dilapidated, abandoned, old, rotten, and a little spooky. However, the interior of the former BIP beer brewery is what attracts visitors from all over the world, and the secret weapon that aspires to overthrow the throne of the most visited Belgrade nightclubs.


Elektropionir is the most popular club in the district, and it is almost always totally full! Bass is at a high level, and music program is carefully chosen from night to night, which is not surprising at all since the owner of the club is a musician, himself. A member of the band Darkwood Dub, Leo Bratuša.

The atmosphere in this club is hot like you’re  in the middle of Africa and the sound of hip hop, reggaeton rhythm and trap permeats this club. There are not so many hipsters here, and looking objectively, it is the only club in Cetinjska 15 in which all the people are tirelessly dancing. The club consists of a real concert stage, a spacious dance floor and a long counter which is alweys crowded with  “natives” and regular guests.

Why I like Elektropionir so much? I don’t really know. Maybe it’s because of the fact that it sounds like  the future is really around the corner, maybe it’s because it’s a part of my childhood, a childhood of my  generation, and maybe because of what we want. To be pioneers in everything that we do.


Numerous karaoke contests have been the main asset of the club Show Room, right from it’s start.

It has a high stage, large part for the audience and quality equipment. When they are not doing karaoke, it’s rock and roll night. Show room is a multifunctional space – as well as it can suite well for the parties, it can also be used for a theatrical performances and children’s workshops, concerts and performances by DJ’s. On Thursdays and Sundays the repertoire constitutes of blues music and on those nights the crew that comes in Show room is much older than usual.

The owner is Anja Trailović. This young lady spends every night committed to the bar and taking care of the management and her guests. After she’s finished with her working shift, she says that she usually goes to the next-door-club, Elektropionir.

She says that in the Cetinjska district they all work together and do not hate each other. Competition is extremly healthy. She also said that her faveorit neighbourhood clubs are Dvoristance and Elektropionir, because it makes her feel nostalgy due to the fact that she used to played in a band called Elektropionir. All the clubs in Cetinjska street except, this one – Show Room – have a communist  name.


This space is breathtaking. Musical programme of Kenozoik is composed of different musical events (DJ and concert program), exhibitions, cinema screenings, culinary atmosphere, relaxed gatherings,different artistic theme events which turned this abandoned beer factory into a center of alternative-spirited cultural events and a blazing nightlife hotspot of Belgrade.

– When we entered the room and started working, we threw out a ton of trash and cement. The club is located in a building built in 1856, and we are proud of that long history.  – Says Ognjen Krstić, one of the owners of Kenozoik.

The Kenozoic draft beer costs 190 serbian dinars, while bottled beer costs 270. Entry is charged 150 dinars, a charging wardrobe goes by the principle of how much you give. In addition to beer and spirits, there are lots of different exotic  cocktails, for which preparation is in the handy hands of experienced barmen, Aleksandar Mraović.


Emphasis of this particular club lays on acoustic music, cabaret, swing, experimentational and classical music, new composers, dj sets, as well as the combination of electronic music. Various movie screenings and  thematic evenings, as well as various video projections that are accompanied by the music which complements the whole atmosphere are also in the offer of this club.

The crew that hangs around in Polet are mostly reasonable, eloquent, educated, artistically-minded and creative. The space makes everyone  feel comfortable, like in some kind of large living room, which is probably the reason why the same guests  return again and again.

In addition to the standard selection of drinks, they offer a large range of quality teas, which are always served in a teapot than half a liter, and the prices are more than reasonable.




Here you can drink high-quality beers and drinks such as kraft and 100 percent Arabica coffee, while in Polet, management appear to be less concerned about quality. Simply, it does not matter what you drink when it’s cheap. Half a liter of beer costs 190 dinars, 130 dinars a glass of white wine, a brandy called rakija 120. The emphasis is on various art events and acts, even for screenings of silent films, experimental music concerts, poetry evenings …

Zaokret is a visited by a crew of real hipsters, those who wear the shoes that costs 1 euro,  and they  like to wear it to show their attitude. This club is opened by guys who for five years successfully operated within The umbrella organization which is promoting independent and alternative sub-culture. For the interior were responsible architects Ana Stašić and Nadja Ljubicic, famous serbian architects who found their inspiration for decorating this place in the popular hipster neighborhood of Berlin, Kreuzberg.

Each window is different, each chair is different. During the day, here you can listen to indie and other alternative music genres, while the evening is reserved for the performances of DJ’s such as Burazeri As Smooth As , or live performances of famous musicians in Belgrade. Regardless of the very uncomfortable chairs and the fact that a draft pulls from all sides, Zaokret is a serious club. It offers the quality, great sound, and the friendly owners always running around their guests and fullfiling them almost every wish.



The owner of this place claimed that he didn’t expect that much support of local people. He let the place to breathe, and spontanously develop itself by a little help of their regular guests. The concept has remained the same as in the old Dvorištance which was located in Savamala district. They organize exhibitions, concerts and twice a week they are hosting street food events, when chefs from around the world, throughout the season, offer different specialities to their guests.

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