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This hookah bar is located in 16, Brace Jugovica Street In downtown Belgrade, but in spite of its top location, the bar is nicely tucked between the buildings and is a haven, a place to runaway form an outside world and a lair for rest and relaxation. The number of seats is limited only to a few tables due to the size of the space, but this is not a problem because people are constantly circulating.

Although the bar is located in the city centre, the people who gather here are mainly regular customers, guests who have been coming for years and still consider this place as their second home. The atmosphere is always positive and lively, people are friendly and communicative, and you can very often find yourself in the middle of a birthday celebration or some other local festivities!



The music is fantastic – from the timeless rock`n`roll and iconic pop hits, through foreign and domestic 90s dance music, to folk music (which can be heard only in the morning hours at weekends). The co-owners of the bar are at the same time the only employees and are very polite, helpful and good hosts.

It is important to note that (unlike the other similar places, i.e. Hookah bars in Belgrade) the entrance is prohibited to people under the age of 18 both on paper and in practice, which means that the ban to the `kids` is not just a letter on the paper. Beverages are affordable to each consumer`s pocket, so for the domestic coffee you would have to single out just 1 euro, while the prices of the hookah vary from the type of hookah – whether you want an `ordinary` with a larger head, with milk instead of water, alcohol, ice… But one thing is certain – each hookah you order will be great!



I have travelled all over the world, but I have not yet tried better hookah than the one from `aRoma`, at least when it comes to the taste. When I asked the boss for the `recipe`, he just smiled enigmatically saying that those were `the little secrets of the big masters`. The thing that has always been important to me when entering any restaurant is the hygiene and good maintenance of interior, kitchen and bathroom. I have convinced myself that the appliances are washed and disinfected on a daily basis and that the kitchen and bathroom hygiene is on the high level. The appliances and hookah hose are relatively new, colorful and of a very interesting look. The tobacco the use is of the purest quality, and in their offer you can find the manufacturers such as Al Fakher (from the United Arab Emirates) – both ordinary and `limited edition` flavors and Coco Brico coconut wood ember made from natural coconut wood and does not contain harmful and toxic substances in it.



This is a place which you fall in love for at the first sight. Everyone who has ever come here continued to come in the following years. Simply, this is a place with the soul and special charm – during the day it is good for a coffee break from work and at night it transforms into the lively bar where people get up and dance, move from table to table, climb up the interior or hang from the disco ball. There is no uptight and unfriendly group of people here, because they would feel uncomfortable among others who act as a big family.

All sport events in which Serbia participates are actively followed in this bar, and sometimes the Champions League is emitted so everybody cheer for Serbia with patriotic fervor and with the delicious hookah and cold drink.

If you like good company, loud music, cheerful atmosphere and, of course, hookah – this is the place for you!

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