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Nowadays, when we are always in a hurry, occupied with various obligations and achieving big goals, we often forget to find time to relax our body and mind. Therefore, push your work aside and treat yourself at least with one day in a spa, every now and then.
We present you a small, hidden, specially selected spa place on the slopes of Fruska Gora, among the pines.


At about 50 kilometers west from Belgrade and only 35 kilometers from Novi Sad, Borkovac is located and surroundend by the pine trees only 3 kilometers from the city center. The trip to Borkovac is more than easy if you’re coming  from Belgrade. It takes about 40 minutes leisurely drive that will turn into a real pleasure. You will be busy with sightseeing of beautiful landscapes of Fruska Gora and time will flew by.

On the Google Maps type hotel “Borkovac” and navigation will lead you right to your final destination.

Borkovac forest has an area of ​​about 30 acres and nearly the entire surface is made for hiking, with trails that are mostly made from concrete or sprinkled with little “terazzo” stones, fountains, benches and tables for rest, and night lighting are settled all around.


Hotel Borkovac, completely isolated from the city and its noise, offers you a great program, if you decided to spend a few relaxing days, surrounded by greenery. When you step into their property you will notice two hard-working  ladies. Thanks to them the hotel, terrace and garden abounds with beautiful purple petunias and looks like a small botanical garden.

The hotel has eight rooms and two suites. Each room has air-conditioning and provides guests an intimate atmosphere, peace and a view of the pine forest that surround the entire facility. The only minus is that there is no wi-fi in the rooms, but honestly you won’t need it if you come here to relax and enjoy in your sheltered nook 🙂

Within the facility there’s also a restaurant which has 100 seats and a sunny terrace. Prices in hotels are more than affordable, and for about 10 euros you can have a quality meal. While you are enjoying in the cuisine and the best selection of local wines from nearby wineries such as Kovacevic, you will notice tree houses. These are actually beautiful homes of a small, hyperactive squirrels that are always in the mood to give greetings as they prepare to leave their homes and sail on to their adventure on the tall pines.

Of course, an essential part of the hotel, perhaps the main reason why I decided to visit this place is a great spa program. Just imagine how you swim in the pool while you are looking at the beautiful natural landscape. Needle twigs are slightly fluttering in the breeze while rain drops are pouring from it, and you are inside a small but stylishly decorated spa area.

Whether you are in the pool, hot tub, sauna, the whole spa center is designed so that wherever you are, you are surrounded by amazing pines and greenery, which will only contribute to your hedonistic lifestyle.

Tepidarium know also as the heating benches in the spa can be used for about 15-20 minutes. While a conventional sauna features high temperatures and high humidity, a tepidarium offers low or medium humidity and mild heat, usually in the range of normal body temperature or slightly about, from 37 to 39 degrees. Using tepidarium is recommended as a preparation to stay in the steam room but can also be used independently thereof, e.g., between the two stays in the sauna. Heated benches are made of stone or ceramics which  radiate heat, with a direct and beneficial effect on the body. Designed so that it is prior to the spine, with raised head and legs to a standard position like when you are lying in. You can find it here, as well –  a sauna, a small room designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions, or an establishment with one or more of these facilities.
Infrared sauna use a variety of materials in their heating area such as charcoal, active carbon fibers, and others.

There are no age limits for using the tepidarium; it can be used by younger and older people. Stay in the spa is limited to four hours because there is certain number of easychairs, and price is about 8€ per a person, but if place is not crowded and fully booked, the staff will allow you to stay longer.

Within the hotel there is a beauty salon and  a spa center Borkovac. Here is everything you need to get out fresh, beautiful and dressed up for dinner at a nearby restaurant after a relaxing bath. I have to mention a relaxing massage with a candle, which melts into wax in the hands of the experienced therapist and  warms and relaxes your  body while the scent of aromatic candles takes you on your relaxing imaginative, stress relief, journey.

All information about prices, packages, discounts, which Borkovac hotel offers its guests can be checked out on this link.


Only 2-3 km from Borkovac you can find Borkovac lake. It is an artificial reservoir created by rearrangements of the Borkovac stream, surface of about 40 hectares, in the period between 1970th and 1972nd.
It leaves strong impressive on those who come here for the first time. An interesting facts is that only very few inhabitants of Ruma know it can be made pedestrian circuit of the entire lenght of the lake. Mainly with the chart roads that cut the surrounding fields, orchards and vineyards.

The scope of the lake is about 6.5 kilometers.  The northern part of the lake is quite swampy, and if you want to reach the end of the lake, go about a mile to the north, where you will notice a plain concrete bridge that crosses a stream and ends with the track along the east coast of the stream, which leads back to the south from the lake and apple orchards and ends with a beautiful beach. If you follow this path, which continues along the creek to the north for about four kilometers, you will reach  one  small village, rich in history.

We noticed some cottages on our side of lake. Probably, people come here with their families to chill and to fish, when the sun finally replace dark grumpy clouds and rainy days. If you like long walks and enjoyment in untouched nature we recommend you to extract a few hours and become a part of this idyllic place that will charge you up with its positive energy.


Prehaps Borkovac is not a place of natural beauty which can’t be seen anywhere else in Serbia and beyond, but it is the right place to relieve your mind while it gives you certain pleasure of relaxation.


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