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We want to present our country, Serbia, through various interesting and educational stories on our website. On this blog you can find articles about traveling through Serbia, interesting customs and rituals, historically significant data and spa programs. Also we are giving you the opportunity to peek into our farmers houses in the countryside and learn more about cuisine, tradition and culture. By sharing this information with you we want to make you acquainted with the beauty and splendour of one a special country in the Balkans.

Our aim for the future is that people visit Serbia more often and experience the wonderful and unforgettable moments that they will undoubtedly take home with them. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Experience these moments in Serbia by revealing seeing her innumerable natural wonders.

We want to motivate you with our travel stories to visit our country and to share your impressions with us. We will be glad to hear what has left the greatest impression on you during your stay in Serbia!


PLUS: Before you come to our hometown Belgrade, feel free to contact us by email or through Facebook account or Instagram account and we will be happy to help you by providing some additional information and arrange your journey through Belgrade and Serbia.

*If you want to rent a car, or you need any kind of transportation from the airport in Belgrade to your cosy accomodation – contact us and whether you need rent a car, mini van or a luxurious limo for partying through Belgrade like a rock star – we will arange it all for you.

*Also, we can make reservations for the hottest and most popular night clubs and restaurants in the city of Belgrade, and also find you a private tour guides in and out of Belgrade.

*As well, we can offer you a complete plan for your stay in Belgrade, if you are more of a wanderer than a private-touriste-guide type of person! ?

Feel free to contact us, tell us what you’d like and we will arrange everything as you please, so you can feel peaceful and free during your staying in Belgrade, for more than affordable price.

Sincerly yours

Milica & Bojana


Lets forget the compass of time and space and lets sail on an adventure!