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Replace your EXIT tickets for bracelet-vouchers in time. In fact, the best time to do it is as soon as you arrive in Novi Sad, at the Exit Camp. Replacing the voucher on the very entrance of the festival, in an unimaginable crowd, is one of the toughest experiences Exit has to offer.


Download the official Exit app, which displays the timing and spatial schedule of appearances. Make a plan of stages that you want to visit, and which musicians you don’t wanna miss! Make sure that you leave your room and move to the fortress in time to arrive at the planned performances – that means at least an hour before you think “on time” means!


Everyone get lost at least once in a lifetime on Exit fest, or separates himself from his company for some time. For this reason, and for easier negotiation, make a Viber Group dedicated to the festival, where you will be in touch with your friends all the time. In addition, it helps you to dress up in a hurry, or to have some detail on you that will make you feel recognizable in the masses. In the end, just in case, determine a central point for the meeting point, if everything else fails. Do not forget to get your phone fully charged, because the duration of Exit can take up to 12 hours!


Pack two pairs of sneakers: one for walking through the dust or mud on the festival, and the other for your daily tours of the city and sightseeing. After the average night at Exit, your shoes seem to look like they stood on the attic for half a century, at least!


Exit camp or the famous “Village” is not objectively the best option for accommodation, unless you have great tolerance for a 24/7 party, unbearable heat and unsatisfactory hygienic conditions. Although it is devastated by an authentic atmosphere, alternative accommodation options like private apartments, AirBnB, hostels and hotels would be better for your psycho-physical recovery after a crazy night.


Spend the day relaxing on a sunny and sandy shores of the Danube – on the famous Shtrand. So, bathing suit and sunscreen are a must. Play some Frisbee, get involved in water sports, or check out all the hotties around you. As far as music is concerned, there will be no shortage – several excellent DJs are always taking care about the atmosphere on the favorite beach of Novi Sad. If, with some miracle, you still have some energy left, after the sleepless partying night, you can have some active relaxation in the nature by exploring nearby Fruska Gora and Sremski Karlovci, or visiting the hidden island of Koh Chang, near Sremski Karlovci. We have already written about this island, CLICK HERE to look at our first-hand impressions


Novi Sad is rich with fantastic food and a wide selection of relatively inexpensive restaurants, from traditional Vojvodina and Serbian cuisine, to Chinese, Indian and Vegan options. Eat in the city and bypass FoodLand on the fortress, where only fast food is offered, and not at the most favorable prices. SEE THIS TOP 5 UNLOADING PLACES IN NOVI SAD!


Take a sip of some quality Serbian brandy – rakija – while crossing the bridge on the road to Petrovaradin fortress. These shots will pour into you all the necessary energy for full-time screaming and dancing, and they are offered by attractive smiling girls. Be sure to keep in mind that only alcoholic drinks which are available on the festival are – beer and wine, so you will agree that this little stimulus, before entering the festival, is certainly not a waste!


Be sure to take some face protection – a surgical mask or bandana. If it is warm and dry weather (which is often the case in Novi Sad at this time of the year), hundreds of thousands of visitors are going to raise the clouds of alluvial dust, which will, without protection, penetrate all of your body cavities.


Enjoy the sunrise at the Dance Arena. This magical experience, many will confirm, is one of the most authentic Exit festival offers. Also, we advise you to meet the end of the festival right here – with unforgettable visuals and stage programs, while you sneak deep into the morning, at the same time sad because it’s all over, and happy because at least for a few days, you found your way out (EXIT) of monotone reality.

If you need to buy your ticket or check the performance schedule go to the official website of EXIT MUSIC FESTIVAL, click here!


    1. Hi Andy,
      Do you have any more tips for an exit newbie?
      how does the ID work, will a uk driving licence do, as we aren’t wanting to take passports to the festival, any tips are most welcome

  1. EXIT music festival is the best music festival in Europe, by far! And Novi Sad is such a charming city full of wonderful people

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