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The love for nature is pure, composed of heartfelt emotions that blaze like a flame on every ground that I walk. To experience such a finding and enjoy its thighs is one of the fundamental laws of life for me.

I felt the same flame coming to a small village on the shores of the Danube River. Mother Teresa said: “Let us find each other with a smile. The smile is the beginning of love.”

Therefore, let`s go and look for the smile in the small joys, people, nature and every atom of life and make the life worth living.

Looking for an adventure, not very tourists represented and still undiscovered place, I came across the imposing walls. The path leading to them was a bit slippery and steep, not so passable and around 20 meters long. Perhaps that is one of the facts that makes this place special. At the very entrance to the fortress, there is a panel where you can read a little about the history of the Ram Fortress, and then you go to the tour. This fortress is located 30 kilometers northeast from Pozarevac, in the village of the same name, on the banks of the Danube and between Kostolac and Veliko Gradiste. It was built on a rock that goes down the northwest side of the Danube.

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This place has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and after the arrival of the Romans it was the part of the Danube limes, near the ancient fortification Lederat. After their settling, the Slavs formed the settlement near the fortress and the fortress Horom was referred to for the first time in the reports of Hungarian-Bulgarian wars at the end of the 9th century.

The written sources mention the Ram as a place of the conflict between Byzantium and Hungary in the 12th century, and it is known that the fortress with the cannon holes was built by the order of Sultan Bayezid II on the border with Hungary, which made the Ram one of the first artillery forts in the area. The Ram Fortress was built by the Turks in order to strengthen the defense of the borders between Smederevo and Golubac from Hungarian intrusions. This fortress had the strategic importance by the government until 1521, when the borders of the Ottoman Empire to the north expanded and then it lost its significance as a border fortress

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It is considered one of the oldest fortresses in Serbia. Despite being partially damaged, it still causes such a great admiration. It was made of the quarry stone in lime mortar in the shape of a pentagon with five cannon towers, one of which is completely destroyed today. The Ortodox Church was discovered inside the fortress, on the foundations of which a mosque was built later, which is no surprise considering the fact that the Turks used the Ram as a military and artillery city and rebuilt it. This area also preserves many historical secrets, stories, archaeological sites. The fortress is now abandoned, with the interior overgrown with grass, but wide views open from the walls and it has a nice position for shooting.

It is not known when Ram was built, but it certainly is one of the oldest forts in the region. It is believed that the Hun`s leader, Attila the Hun, used this fortress during their march. Vuk Karadzic used to stay in Rama as a supervisor of Cumurkana (customs office). Defending the city against the Turks, the Austrian count Baron von Lopresti lost his life on the fortress in 1778.

history, culture, tradition, monuments, achievements, events, hot spot, place to visit, serbia, heritage

The Local Government intends to renew the fortress, and then to make the tour around it as a regular offer at the tourist agencies.

It is interesting that one Italian man and the girl from Pozarevac said fateful `yes` in this very fortress.

The road to the village of Ram is in a very poor condition, it is unpaved and narrow. It takes approximately 30 minutes drive from Belgrade and it has attractions worth every kilometer traversed.


As you are approaching the Danube, a little downhill on your left, you will find a restaurant the Ram Fortress, which lies below the Ram Fortress. You can sit here, have a drink, eat lunch, while slowly gathering impressions and visual beauty that you have previously absorbed on the fortress. The prices are affordable, but my recommendation is the clam chowder, which is around 2 euros, and a portion of a fresh perch, which is about 8 euros. The restaurant also offers the traditional Serbian grilled dishes

history, culture, tradition, monuments, achievements, events, hot spot, place to visit, serbia, heritage

Pozarevac, as well as the surrounding villages, has a lot to offer to tourists if they decide to spend a weekend in the countryside on their own or through some organization. This place does not exist in the tour offer as it is considered a rural area, but if you are an adventurous person and eager for new experiences and knowledge, please write to us and we will give our best to organize a visit of some other nearby landscapes that you will always remember!

I want to introduce to you the true value of each city in my country, Serbia, which is consisted of its history, nature, culture and people.

history, culture, tradition, monuments, achievements, events, hot spot, place to visit, serbia, heritage

Be with us and you will get the story about the way archeological sites do their researches and impressive photos of the Djerdap gorge.

For horse lovers, there is a beautiful story from a stud farm and equestrian club where the horses are so  tamed and cuddly that would make you want to stay the whole day and hang out with them. They take your breath away with their presence and charisma.

Also, we have prepared a report from a from a beautiful lake, which was formed by accumulation of water from several tributaries from more creeks and from the rich town with the smallest number of residents in the whole Serbia.


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